Tijs Gilde
Tribe O #17, 2017
Signed and numbered one-off

Sold out
PU plastics and paint
Measurements: 15 × 10,5 × 0,8 cm

Tribe O is a series of casted plastics that are defined by a hand drawing. Each one gets it’s own colouration and therefore identity and shape.

Tijs Gilde’s work starts from an intuitive level. Colour, shape and material are at the base of the process. Often in combination with experimental photography Tijs searches for new approaches to shape and function. “This way of creating images leads to unexpected things, things the brain doesn’t produce working towards a specific goal.” Keeping one eye on trends and todays needs, these two processes come together in functional products. Tijs’ work is characterized by flexible qualities and bright colours on bold shapes, which give his projects a young and naive personality.