Maurice Mikkers
Imaginarium of Tears
Microscopic image of a tear

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Micrograph, a photograph taken through a microscope, showing a crystalized emotional tear of sadness.

The project combines the aesthetic beauty of crystalized tears, together with the stories behind that particular genuine moment in life. This because Maurice Mikkers believes we should share our tears, because tears are stories and stories connect us on a deeper level. Everyone has their own story to share. So Maurice hereby invites you to send a tear, be they happy or unhappy.

Maurice Mikkers is a multidisciplinary photographer based in The Hague (NL). He is inspired and driven by scientific and technological innovations. Currently Maurice is combining art and science by taking a deeper look at substances of everyday life under a microscope. Starting with medications, drugs and food additives for the series Micrograph Stories and later taking a closer look at tears. The resulting body of work, Imaginarium of Tears.