David Derksen
The Copper Project (set of 6)

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Set of 6 risoprinted postcards (300g paper) + description card, tied by a copper band.

Copper has become a fashionable material. Products in copper are part of many design collections, in many cases for commercial purposes. It has become a one-dimensional material, that is often applied as a skin that sells the product. However, there is much more to say about this intriguing material than that it is simply beautiful.The world’s hunger for copper is ever increasing. Huge amounts of ore have to be taken from the earth’s crust to supply our industries with enough copper. Probably without knowing, we all contribute to this when making a phone call, driving a car or simply switching on the light. It has become an indispensable material in our daily lives.

The immense scale, relief patterns and the colors of the mines are very intriguing. However, at the same time these mines are scars in the landscape, made by immense machines and the brute force of explosives.

The structures of these mines, taken by satellite, show fascinating patterns and reliefs. These abstract images have been used to make a series of Riso prints. They depict the fascinating and intimidating world of copper, mining, and etching.

Nature, and especially the principles and processes that are found in nature are David Derksen’s main sources of inspiration. This results in a strong focus on materials, how they behave and how they can be constructed. According to David Derksen, producing objects is like playing with the forces of nature. In his designs he tries to express the beauty of the material and the way it is produced.

He graduated in 2009 at the Design Academy Eindhoven and completed his MSc degree in 2011 at Industrial Design TU Delft. The studio is based in Rotterdam. Currently he is a guest teacher Product Design at Willem de Kooning Academy and initiator of a collective workspace in Rotterdam, housing approximately 20 studio’s.